Blog Migration

As you may have noticed if you’ve been following this blog, I have decided to start anew on WordPress with a slightly more specific and original-content focused theme. This blog for Amaridesign will remain abandoned like Chernobyl (dramatic statement), sad and lonely living on Blogger. But with WordPress comes many exciting new endeavors, like my recently created Facebook Page (like my page to see new posts in your news feed), and also a much more social experience, which will hopefully broaden my exposure and allow me to meet other rad designers in Denver and afar. So, please continue reading, there is much excitement to come...

Bon voyage Blogger, c’est la vie. The rest of 2012 is looking great from a mile high.


Wedding Party App

I recently went to a wedding for a friend who incorporated the Wedding Party app into her event. The app is a brilliant idea that allows guests to add photos, make toasts, write on your timeline, and sign your guestbook, all in real time during the event and on their phones. It's a great idea for a mobile age, I just wish I'd thought of it.

Silkscreen for Mobile

I'm currently working on an iPad app for a new project at my office (launching around Thanksgiving so keep any eye out for a post about downloading it) and had to rave about my new find Silkscreen. If you haven't tried this program and you are designing anything for the iPad or iPhone you simply must, it's amazing and worth every penny of the $3.99 (or so) download. All you do is install the app from iTunes and using wifi you can preview your designs on your iPad or iPhone literally while creating them in Photoshop. It's incredibly helpful in determining color, size, and hierarchy, not to mention seeing your work in context can dramatically alter the way you design.

Download it here >


The New Myspace

Myspace gets an overhaul... again. If they actually pull off this pitch (meaning they fully invest in the implementation of a cool design concept) I might just be intrigued enough to rejoin. Maybe.


La Vespa Vita

Now that I live in Denver, and consider my life a 'study-abroad-at-31-in-your-own-country' experience, I have decided to purchase a Vespa. I live downtown so I think it's a perfect way to see a new city, at 150ccs, with a matching helmet. Not that this is a shock, because Vespa is an inherently cool brand, but their website is outstanding (cutest loading screen ever - see left). Great use of inspiring UGC and branding. And in case you're wondering, I'm considering the LX 150 ie in Celeste Blue.



Thea on Pinterest

My friend and fellow designer Thea Kennedy (Design Quixotic on Pinterest) made the list for "How Pinterest Fuels Design" on the blog My Modern Met. Thea not only pins (ha!) but is a fulltime graphic designer for Bumble and Bumble and, as of tomorrow, will be launching her side-project Design Quixotic. Pretty cool, check her out.


The Wild, Wild West

"Life is happening." - Liz Lemon, 30 Rock 

I have big changes to report as a means of explanation for my blogging hiatus.

1. New York City has been a great 8.5+ year run but I have decided to say my farewells and seek out a new adventure. It's not you, it's me.

2. I start on Monday with Deloitte Digital | Übermind, and count not be more excited. As a Senior Interface Designer, I will be focusing on the visual design of mobile applications and mobile web. Übermind, originating out of Seattle with an amazing portfolio, is an exciting opportunity for me as it opens doors to embrace what I consider the wild west of interactive design (mobile), a young genre that is evolving and expanding daily, with rapidly changing design standards and best practices.

3. With my new job comes a new zip code. I will be working in the Denver, Colorado office (80202) and could not be more excited about my new city, all the unknown to discover, a new art and design scene, long runs in the mountains, and mobile.

So, blog-o-sphere, that's my update. I look forward to the rest of 2012. It's looking great from a mile high.

More on Deloitte Digital | Übermind >